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Contribute To The Relief

The Spanish Peaks Community Foundation (SPCF) and Huerfano County are joining together to collect donations to help county residents affected by the Spring Creek Fire Disaster. It is essential that contributions by the community are appropriated equitably and quickly.

The Spring Creek Fire Relief Fund was established by the SPCF to assist with a broad range of emergencies in Huerfano County Colorado. An advisory board of community stakeholders will distribute the funds.

Donations can also be made by deposit at any First National Bank of Trinidad branch.

Checks can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 1101
Walsenburg, CO 81089

Please make checks payable to SPCF with memo Spring Fire Relief Fund (Ag, Debris, General).

Contributions can be made online:






Fund Policies

Qualifying Emergency Aid Distribution includes:

  1. Providing food, water, and toiletries for evacuees
  2. Providing undamaged clothing (as needed)
  3. Providing funds for prescriptions/medical equipment (on a case by case basis)
    1. Example cases include: urgent unplanned expenses prevent the evacuee from buying necessary medications, like insulin.
  4. Laundry Vouchers for one load of laundry per week, or more on a case by case basis
  5. The purchase of food for agricultural animals and pets that were displaced
  6. Other supplies to animal shelters to cover immediate shortages noted by shelter staff (on a case by case basis)

Qualifying Long-term Aid Distribution includes:

  1. Replacing necessary identification document that were destroyed
  2. Covering home-owners insurance deductibles, as needed
  3. Covering food for animals (pets and agricultural) until the risk of hunger is determined to be alleviated.
    1. Help rebuilding homes and/or replacing lost property, subject to need and availability.

Qualifying Operational Support Aid Distribution includes:

  1. Paying utilities for Aid distribution centers
  2. Providing matching funding for grants
  3. Other urgent needs as determined by the council
  4. Supplying urgent unmet needs to first responders